Does Fondant Go Bad?

does fondant go bad?

If you often bake or have a passion for it, you might have an idea about what fondant is. However, there are many aspects that you might still have questions about. Among the most common concerns people have is, does fondant go bad or how long does unused fondant last?

In case you have the same questions, you must know that fondant can go bad, but there are several aspects to its shelf life. Refer to our extensive guide to dig deeper and settle all your queries about your fondant shelf life, how to store it, and how to determine whether it has gone bad. 

What Exactly Is Fondant?

Fondant is a form of icing commonly used to coat cakes and pastries. It’s a sugar mix that you can roll, sculpt, and mold for cakes. One can also make decorations out of it to add to cakes and other desserts. 

Sugar and water are the foundation of fondant. You can boil water to get a dense paste and then add sugar in substantial quantities. Almost every recipe contains a stabilizer like tartar or corn syrup to thin the liquid out and make it more malleable. 

Apart from that, there is glycerine, which helps to retain a dough-like consistency. You can give any color and texture to fondant. Hence, it is best to decorate spectacular cakes with various forms and looks that are all edible. 

Fondant is fun to work with. If you wish to paint on fondant without alcohol, try using these tips.

How Long Can Fondant Last?

Rolled fondant seems to have a storage life of roughly six months to a year if kept under optimal circumstances. However, there’s no definite time limit for how long fondant will last. This is because it is very much dependent on the storage climate. 

This cake has fondant used as the icing.

Fondants from the store can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months. But, a lot relies on the product’s brand, quality, and ingredients. 

Fondant’s long shelf life is due to its high sugar content. Artificial preservatives are present in store-bought fondant to lengthen its shelf life. Homemade fondant, on the other hand, has a limited shelf life. 

Homemade fondant contains no additional preservatives. Thus, it’s advisable to practice caution and utilize it within two months. Even while fondant lasts for months on its own, a cake coated with it only lasts three or four days. So, in case you have a lot of fondant, you can always double the recipe for an 8×8 pan and utilize it all. 

How To Store Fondant?

There are many things you must keep in mind to store your fondant properly. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind. 

  • If you are wondering, does unopened fondant go bad and how to store it, you can put it in an airtight jar or bag. If it is store-bought, as long as the package is intact, it is alright to use. 
  • However, with opened packages or homemade ones, it’s critical to wrap and seal the fondant properly in a plastic wrap. Otherwise, it would rapidly dry out and become useless.
  • It’s also a good idea to keep fondant out of direct sunshine to avoid color alteration. Fondant should be kept cold and free from heat. 
  • Make sure no water gets into the fondant bag or container. This is because moisture can do considerable damage to the fondant. 
  • Moreover, thawing causes condensation, which is a natural adversary of fondant. It can make it lose its ability to fit into a shape. To prevent the occurrence of bubbles underneath the fondant, avoid making rapid temperature changes. 
  • Fondant also readily takes up dirt and lint. Make sure your hands are clean and clothed adequately before dealing with fondant.
  • People usually freeze fondant several days ahead, although experts suggest this isn’t the best option. Fondant’s texture and consistency are said to alter when it is frozen. It’s easier to use fresh fondant. 
  • It’s also worth noting that refrigerating fondant cakes in their entirety is not recommended. Slice the cake into pieces, cover each slice in plastic wrap, and store it in a clean, dry container.

If you are looking for accessories to store fondant, there are many options. Airtight containers are among the must-haves. Once you wrap the fondant in a plastic wrap, you should store it dry in an airtight container.

How Long Does Fondant Last Once Open?

About six months. The fondant’s flavor will begin to fade after six months, and it may get stale. The shelf life may also vary depending on the brand and list of ingredients. 

You should replace the product with a new one after about this time. Using expired fondant can also be hazardous to your health. To know when you should change the container, put the expiration date on the container.

How Do You Know If Fondant Has Gone Bad?

Fondant is known for its long shelf life as it is mainly made of sugar. However, you should constantly scrutinize fondant well before using it to see whether it has expired. It is critical for your and others’ safety as well. 

A few clear indicators may show that the fondant has gone bad. Check for the signs below:


If the fondant appears to be soft and you are able to knead it well, it’s a good sign. However, if it is stiff or crumbling, it’s time for some new fondant.


Fondant frosting with bright colors fades quickly. You should only use the fondant if the coloring appears bright and there are no other symptoms of deterioration.


If the fondant is clearly giving off a bad or funky smell, you most definitely shouldn’t use it. Do not taste it if you pick up a rancid smell.


You can quickly tell whether the fondant is still fresh to use with the help of taste. However, if it clearly appears unfit by its appearance, just don’t bother tasting it.


If the fondant has mold on it, you throw it away. Fondant is a thick confection. Mold, on the other hand, has a significant potential of passing through the fondant. Thus, you must be careful with this and inspect it thoroughly.


Final Thoughts

Fondant is a versatile addition to sweet treats, and bakers love to use it. Although it seems easy to use, it must be handled with care. As the guide suggests, you must store fondant properly to keep it for extended amounts of time. 

It’s pretty clear, does fondant go bad? Absolutely, and you can use all these insights in making the right decisions for your next sweet treat. Happy baking!