Create an employee cookbook for your team.

Want to engage your employees by creating a collaborative cookbook? You've landed in the perfect place.

If there's one thing you learn while working in an office, it's that food brings people together. Involve your whole team with a dedicated workplace recipe group where their recipes can be contributed to an employee cookbook.

creating an employee cookbook
creating an employee cookbook

Your employees can upload as many recipes to your company cookbook as they'd like

Creating an employee cookbook for your company is crazy simple. With Morsel, we have a simple way to easily invite all of your coworkers to one team recipe group. Once they're in the group, they can add as many recipes as they like, sharing them with the whole team. It's so easy, it's addictive -- just like Rob from Accounting's famous chip dip.

No offense to the stress balls you gave out last year, but this is an employee initiative they'll use (even outside of work).

company cookbook party

This is an employee benefit that rolls deep!

Get all your team members going at no cost to your employee engagement budget.

Once recipes have been added online, we can help you print tangible cookbooks. A great gift to your team any time of the year!

Employees can create/join unlimited private groups with their friends and family.

Watch as your #random Slack/Teams channel explodes with engagement.

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Easily ship gift cards or send invites instantly to your employees.

Morsel makes getting your team started in creating an employee cookbook super simple. Discuss the details with one of our account reps today, and when you're ready to get rolling, we can instantly send your team personal invites to join for free.

Want to throw Morsel Pro subscriptions into a swag bag? We got you. For a heightened experience, we can also ship gift cards directly to your office.

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