What’s The Best Cutting Board Size For You?

best cutting board size

There is all kinds of talk about the best material for cutting boards, using them, and even cleaning them the right way. But there’s not enough attention given to the size of the cutting boards. 

While most people don’t realize it, the size of the chopping board might just be a minor factor, but it can significantly impact your culinary adventures in the kitchen. Are you wondering what the best cutting board size for your kitchen is? Keep reading to find your detailed guide on it. 

What Are The Different Sizes Of Cutting Boards?

Whether you are a pro at chopping vegetables or just starting your cooking journey, choosing the right board can be daunting, given the variety available. Before searching for the right size, you must know the different sizes. 

The most commonly available sizes of cutting boards are:

Small Cutting Boards

Small cutting boards are prevalent among homemakers as they are versatile but also compact and effortless to store. These cutting boards are best suited for small jobs and tiny cooking spaces. 

small cutting board size

You can use small cutting boards for cutting single-serve fruits for cocktails or snacks, chopping onions, or even mincing herbs. The small cutting board is often available in wood and plastic. If your cocktail bar essentials don’t have a small cutting board, it’s time to include one too. 

When it comes to a small cutting board, here are the sizes to pick from:

  • 4×6 inch
  • 5×7 inch
  • 6×9 inch
  • 10×8 inch

What is the most popular cutting board?

A medium-sized cutting board is the most common in both stores and homes. These boards are neither too small nor too large to store on the kitchen countertops, making them a go-to choice for most. You can easily use them to cut several items at one time. 

Medium-sized wooden cutting boards are ideal for cutting bread and vegetables, while plastic ones work for raw meats as it’s easier to clean them, so you must own both of these. The common size options here are:

  • 10×14 inch
  • 12×18 inch
  • 15×20 inch

Large Cutting Board 

If much like your unique cooking style, you also need a different cutting board; larger boards will be your best choice since they tend to be longer and narrower. They are sturdy, making them great for chopping many items at once, and they can also easily hold tiny dishes for appetizers, dips, and sauce for a platter. 

Storing them can be tricky due to their size. You must make a space for them on your kitchen counter, so ensure you get one that is aesthetic and goes well with the overall decor of your kitchen. You can find these size options: 

  • 7×23 inch
  • 18×18 inch
  • 18×24 inch

Extra Large Cutting Board

If you’re looking to do massive meal prep, slice the turkey for Thanksgiving, or wow your friends with a large charcuterie spread next time you’re hosting, an extra large cutting board may be in store.

You may often see them in commercial kitchens that prepare multiple meals simultaneously. People also use it for large pieces of meat that need heavy-duty knives or even as a platform to keep tools like mixers or grinders. These boards come in the following sizes: 

  • 18×30 inch
  • 20×30 inch

Regardless of how you use it, if you have one around the kitchen, we’re sure you will find plenty of use cases for it. These boards are so big you may need to name yours.

Round Cutting Board

A traditional yet safe option for you is a round cutting board. These boards are ideal for cutting various cheeses, vegetables, or meats. Like with extra large boards, you can also use them as an alternative to serving trays. 

round cutting board

What makes round cutting boards a hit is the fact that you can rotate them easily to make the process of cutting even easier. A personalized cutting board can also be a great gift idea and an easy conversation starter at any party.

  • 10 inch
  • 16 inch
  • 12 inch

How To Choose The Right Cutting Board Size For You?

Now that you know the different sizes in which cutting boards are available and the uses of each, you can start thinking about the ideal one for you. Partly it will come down to preference, but mainly you can begin to think in a few of the below categories to make your final judgment call. 

Some factors to help you determine the best cutting board size for you:

Your Expertise

If you are just starting out on your culinary adventures, the ideal size for a cutting board is likely 12 x 18 inches. It is perfect for general-use beginners and accommodates most ingredients.

Culinary Needs

If you’re a professional chef or someone who prepares many dishes all at once, you will need a cutting board with a larger cutting surface. But a smaller cutting board may be the right fit if you are just a home cook who prepares simple and light meals on a semi regular basis. 

Counter Space

Kitchens with smaller counter spaces can only accommodate a small cutting board, duh! On the other hand, you can invest in a large cutting board if you have ample counter space or cabinets to keep them in.


Do you wonder what is the best thickness for a cutting board? Well, the material of the cutting board will influence both the thickness and size options. 

If you’re aiming for more durability in your cutting board, opt for one with a thicker material like wood. However, plastic or silicone cutting boards tend to be thin and less durable, but they are super easy to clean.


A rectangular cutting board is popular as it can accommodate various ingredients. But if you want a cutting board for a specific reason, you can opt for square or round one to impress the guests on their next visit. 

Final Thoughts

There aren’t many kitchen items as essential as the perfect cutting board. Even with excellent chopping skills, you need a solid board for basic tasks like chopping, mincing, dicing, and smashing. 

If you don’t already have one and are wondering what the best cutting board size is, remember the above points, and you’ll find the right one for your kitchen!