Give the Perfect Mother's Day Gift
this Year

Has your Mom been saying she'll make that family cookbook for years? We get it, that's why we built Morsel to be the easiest way to get your Mom's recipes out of her head and safely into a cookbook.

For Mother's Day, give your Mom and your family (up to 6) access to Morsel for 50% OFF for life + FREE Printed Family Cookbook.

Best family recipe sharing app for all generations

Family plans available for up to 6 users

Print beautiful family cookbooks anytime

Morsel - family recipe sharing app

"Thanks, Morsel, for virtually bringing my ancestors back in the kitchen with me every time I need them."

Sarah K. | Morsel Pro User


Mom, can you upload some recipes, please?

Upload 1 or upload 1,000, share recipes to your heart's content. Get all your mom's special recipes in your own shared online cookbook for everyone in your fam to enjoy forever.

How to Redeem Mother's Day Deal

Think of Morsel as your family table

Step 1

Create an account on Morsel. Head to Your Account > Manage Subscription

Step 2

Upgrade your account and choose the "Morsel Pro Family Plan" during checkout. Use Promo code: MyMomIsTheBest!934

Step 3

Once upgraded, we will reach out within 1-2 hours from the upgrade to request your mom's email. We will send her a dedicated email on Mother's Day on your behalf.

*Bonus* Step 4

In an effort not to ruin the surprise, we recommend not inviting your Mom once you have upgraded your account. We will do this for you. However, it's always a good idea to go ahead and begin inviting your siblings, or other family members to the group so everyone can enjoy (you get 6 total users in the Family Plan after all).

50% OFF

Mother's Day Deal | Pro - Family Plan

$120 $60 / yearly up to 6 user
  • 1 FREE printed Cookbook (up to 30 recipes) - $30 value
  • Up to 6 Family members included
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Unlimited Recipe Uploads
  • Live Customer Support
  • Secure storage of Family Recipes

Unlimited Family, Friends, Co-workers, and more...

However you define family, we've got you covered. Join & create unlimited groups so you can access recipes from all the important crews in your life. Just remember, we can always remove that boyfriend if both sides of the fam don't approve.

Stick To Tradition, or Make New Ones

With Morsel, your mom can document all the recipes that made you who you are, and you can start defining what recipes will define you for the future.

print employee cookbooks

Your Mom Can Easily Order Stunning Printed Cookbooks

After your mom has successfully uploaded and shared all your delicious family recipes, we help your mom order a truly stunning family cookbook for her and your family. Don't forget, the first cookbook is on us!

Gift Morsel and begin sharing and saving your recipes today for generations to come.

What Morsel Pro User's Are Saying...

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent tracking down my mom, grandma, and aunts trying to get my family’s homemade pickle recipe... Thanks, Morsel, for virtually bringing my ancestors back in the kitchen with me every time I need them

Sarah Karshovski

Morsel Pro User

In the short period of time I have been using Morsel, I have realized what an asset it is to have all of my “special” recipes at my “phone - finger tips” and right in the grocery aisle. What an amazing tool this is for those of us who love to bless our friends and neighbors with a home cooked meal. It’s like carrying all of my favorite cookbooks and recipe cards around with me. Thanks for this great concept!

Anna L
Morsel Pro Family Plan User