Best Family Recipe Gift Ideas

family recipe gift ideas

One of the best ways your family’s culture and traditions can be passed down from one generation to the next is through recipe collection. We’re here to help with family recipe gift ideas for your next holiday. Recipes are reflective of family traditions and cultures. Hence, they make a great gift to pass on to your loved ones.

Over time, family recipes can grow to be increasingly unique and specific. To begin with, the aromas and flavors of these treasured foods transport you back in time to memories long gone. Reading a loved one’s writings on a recipe card or in your recipe app, on the other hand, elicits even deeper emotions. 

If you’re looking for some practical ways to turn your family recipe into a gift, you are at the right place. We have compiled several great ideas that you can use as inspiration and curate the perfect gift. Keep reading to explore!

What Are The Best Family Recipe Gift Ideas?

While there is no shortage of gift ideas, a personalized and memorable recipe gift will always stand out. To explore some of the best recipe card gift ideas, keep on reading:

Custom Printed Family Cookbook

It sounds expected, but one of the best family recipe gifts you can give your family members is a printed cookbook they can hang onto forever and use in the kitchen.

Morsel is here to help make that a reality with simple cookbook printing options. Morsel gives you the chance to easily upload all your family recipes for free, invite your family to contribute, and then order your cookbooks when you’re ready for affordable choices.

You can choose from hardcover, softcover, photos, or just text. Make your cookbook your own without the years of laboring about adding recipes and learning software. Get started for free today.

Put Your Recipe on a Platter

Custom platters can be a great present to hang in the kitchen for daily or occasional use. One can also use it as decoration. You can choose to customize the platter with a family recipe. This gift will be something that will remind your friends and family of you every time they see it.

family recipe gift idea on platter
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To make a memorable keepsake platter, you can take inspiration from your grandma’s handwritten recipe. Pass it down to your friends, loved ones, or children as a special token keepsake.

Our favorite option to get this done can be found here on Etsy. You can choose from these variations to buy the highest quality product and turn it into a gift.

Print on Canvas

A canvas print is often considered an excellent accessory to give someone. You can elevate a simple canvas with your handwritten recipe to make a wonderful souvenir. A recipe canvas would not only bring back memories of delectable cuisine but also the happy moments spent together.

Make use of a clear photo or scan the recipe to build your recipe canvas. You can offer it as a gift or even choose to hang it on your wall and cherish it yourself.

Print Your Recipe On a Tea Towel

Who doesn’t love a nice tea towel? An elegant tea towel with a special handwritten recipe can make a fantastic recipe gift for your family members. It is a distinct way to add a personal touch to this daily essential. 

Many gifting service providers can help you design your recipe tea towel. All you need to do is scan or send a photograph of your recipe card. They will then transfer it to the towels of your choosing.

Check out these fantastic tea towel recipe ideas to get some inspiration.

Engraved Cutting Boards

family recipe engraved cutting boards
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Cutting boards are great utility gifts that you can give anyone. It is that one piece of kitchen equipment that we use all the time. You can choose to have a personalized cutting board with handwritten recipes directly on them.  

This is a terrific way to exhibit a family recipe that you use frequently or one that you only make on special occasions. It is also a product that would come in handy when you need it.

Screen Print Your Favorite Recipes on an Apron

People frequently love personalizing aprons as presents since they show the added work and time you put into them. You can make them unique and personal by including family recipes. I would recommend perhaps designing them to showcase a handful of your favorite recipes scattered on the apron.

family recipe printed on an apron
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These personalized aprons would be a wonderful gift for your loved ones, especially if they enjoy cooking and tend to make a mess in the kitchen. 😉

Handwritten Recipe Gift Box

If you’re fond of adding personal touches to your gifts, then passing on handwritten recipes would be a great option. You can choose to make a gift box by curating all of your favorite recipes and writing them down on cards. 

Besides that, you can add decorations or additional items that you would like to offer alongside the gift. Handwritten recipe gifts could be an ideal way to give your recipes to the next generation if you have kids or grandkids.

Custom Throw Pillow

You can’t go wrong with a cute and comfortable throw pillow as a gift. You can choose to put your favorite family recipe on a throw pillow that may be placed close to the kitchen area. It’s a fun way to exhibit and share your food memories with others in a way that isn’t always traditional. 

Have Your Recipes Inscribed on Tiles

Did you know that one can get a custom tile made pretty easily? It’s basically like you’re a Portuguese tile painter, but instead of beautiful blue and white designs, you can slap some family recipes on there.

A tile with a stand can be a great showcase gift. Imagine, though, for a second, if you put recipes on tiles and tiled your entire kitchen with them. Now that would be quite the idea. Something tells me your family may not be as thrilled about that as I am. 

Custom Cake Pans

People may admire your one-of-a-kind cake recipe and ask for it frequently. Printing the recipe on the cake pan is a great way to give it as a present. You may buy a lovely cake pan for your loved ones and then modify it with your own particular recipe. 

This will not only be a one-of-a-kind present, but it will also be quite valuable and useful to the recipient. If your loved one is fond of other desserts like pie, you can even come up with a handwritten recipe on pie plate.

Final Thoughts

Handwritten family recipe gift ideas are ideal if you’re looking for a present that will be memorable, valued, and treasured for a long time. Rare family recipes are invaluable, which is why you can simply turn them into unique presents to have them around for generations to come. 

The options given in the article will make great gifts if you are looking for some inspiration.