How To Display Cutting Boards On Kitchen Counters 

How To Display Cutting Boards On Kitchen Counters

The prospect of redecorating a part of the house can be daunting for some, and exciting for others. The difference is having inspiration and a clear plan to follow through.  There are numerous ways to enhance different rooms and corners of your home, but what about your kitchen counters? In this article, you will learn creative ways to display cutting boards on your kitchen counters. If you’re running out of ideas to decorate your kitchen counters, fear not! Cutting boards are a practical kitchen tool, that can enhance the style of your kitchen. If you have a collection of cutting boards, and you’re wondering how to display them on your countertop keep reading! 

How To Arrange Cutting Boards On Your Countertops 

Cutting boards come in various shapes and sizes; you can find different types made from wood, plastic, and even marble. While most people use cutting boards solely for their functionality, some cutting boards can be used as kitchen decor. Now it’s time to bring out the best cutting boards from the cabinet and explore a few ways to blend functionality and style in the kitchen! 

1. Stack Up Against The Wall

The first method of displaying the wooden cutting boards is by storing them on your counters by stacking them. Depending on your preference, and how many boards you have, you can place the clustered cutting boards against a wall to make the cooking space more efficient. Some people wonder – is it ok to leave a cutting board on the counter? Yes, and you can use them to create a beautiful backdrop to display objects like candles, plants, fruit bowls, books, and other small wares. You can try to use dark, light, and wood tones to produce a visual contrast with the surroundings.

Put a few cutting boards against the backsplash, add a tray of spices consisting of matching jars, and an indoor plant. Cutting boards can easily add textures and colors to an otherwise dull kitchen. If your backsplash is white, wooden cutting boards add a nice contrast to the area. Additionally, you can enjoy the convenience of having the boards close by whenever you need to use them, while adding a tasteful display to your kitchen. 

2. Showcase Your Cutting Boards As A Plate Changer 

If you are bored of plain-old plate changers, don’t shy away from swapping them with your selection of the best cutting boards. Elegant cutting boards can prove to be a significant investment, and they continue to develop character with time. They are also ideal plate changers. Chopping boards are great for cutting food, but they also enhance the dining experience when you use them decoratively. 

3. Turn Cutting Boards Into A Tray Or Riser

Another way you can display your cutting boards is as serving trays. One-of-a-kind cutting boards can be used as trays, perfect for spicing up your dining table, kitchen island, and even your coffee bar. Trays can help you group items together while giving them a uniform, organized look. It ensures the focus is on a single vignette, and not on five to ten pieces of décor.

Alternatively, a wooden cutting board can perfectly contrast a granite countertop, and create comfort in the space. You can place a flower vase, candle, or fruit basket on it to beautify it. Try experimenting with vertical or horizontal components like a stack of books to decorate the tray, and provide height to your arrangement. Besides candles and foliage, you could also include something unique or personal; for instance, a pumpkin during the fall season. 

4. Cover Up Electric Outlets 

If you’re wondering how to style your counters, you can display your boards in a practical way by covering up your electrical outlets. While modern outlets tend to be both functional and discreet, you still may want to cover them up. Use a wooden cutting board with an easy-to-grab handle, and stack it in front to conceal the power outlet. 

5. Aim For A Layered Look

Another way to display a few extra cutting boards on the counter is by arranging boards on the wall right behind the stove or the kitchen counter to achieve a layered look. Some people think they need a large and expensive vintage chopping board to add flair to the kitchen counter, but, you can use any of the cutting boards from your collection. 

6. Make A Statement With A Large Board 

Do you have a large chopping board that you barely use while cooking? Maybe you only use it when preparing chili and cornbread for a cozy family dinner. This is the perfect way to make a statement corner in your kitchen! The best part is that you don’t need additional embellishments to complete the look. A larger cutting board can breathe life into an empty space in your kitchen, while adding a natural look. Whether your boards are old or new, putting them up will make a great display. 

7. Hang Them On The Wall

If you wish to make your kitchen look decorated without actually using too much counter space, you can hang cutting boards on the wall. You can use wooden cutting boards of various shapes and sizes to make an interesting display. For an easy DIY, try the affordable rod and hook system, which can help you perfectly hang wooden cutting boards on your wall closer to the kitchen counter. It not only creates a beautiful wall display, but will make your favorite boards easily accessible for use. Where do you hang a cutting board in a kitchen? You can hang the cutting boards on the kitchen wall which will make the space aesthetic and a favorite spot for not only you but also for the friends and family that visit your home. 

8. DIY a Wall Sconce 

If you want to get artsy and indulge in some DIY, you can make a wall sconce. It’s incredibly inexpensive and an easy way to use wooden cutting boards. All you need is a cutting board, a knob, and a hanging jar. Take a cutting board, and attach a doorknob in the center of it. Take a glass jar and hang it from the doorknob. After that, you can hang the cutting board on the wall. To make it more aesthetic, you can either add a candle to the jar or put your favorite flowers in it. The beautiful wall decor will be ideal for your kitchen or breakfast nook.

9. Display Them In A Wooden Box

If you’re looking for the easiest way to store and display the cutting boards, your search ends here. You can keep cutting boards of different shapes and sizes in a vintage wood box or breadbox on your kitchen countertop. It makes your cutting board accessible, while adding natural tones, textures, and elements to your kitchen. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a few cutting boards lying around and want to spruce up the look of your kitchen counter, you’re in for a treat. Now that you know how to display cutting boards on kitchen counters, you can start utilizing your cutting boards to make them both functional and aesthetically pleasing!