29 Cute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


That special time of the year is just around the corner. Mother’s Day is a day to honor and celebrate all the moms in our lives. They’ve played so many roles from being our best friend, provider, protector, and so much more. It’s important to show them how much they mean to us. So we decided to put together a list of 29 cute Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift for your mom. 

The formation of Mother’s Day relied on the idea of appreciating the contribution our mothers give to our lives. However, finding the best gift for your mom for this special day doesn’t have to be difficult. While no gift can truly reciprocate the love and support offered to us by our moms, it’s a small token of our appreciation and gratitude. So when choosing a gift, consider simplicity and something you’ll know they’ll appreciate. 

This guide provides an assortment of Mothers Day gift ideas to choose from. We’ll break down this list to help you find a gift that’s both unique and sentimental. Not to mention, we’ve included gifts for every kind of mom. You can choose a personalized gift, a DIY gift, an outdoorsy gift, or an everyday handy tool you know she’ll love. And you don’t have to break the bank for your gift either. 

Whatever gift you choose, it will be special either way. 

Top Best Cute Mothers Day Gifts

1. Personalized Necklace


A personalized necklace is one of the best gifts that offers a custom touch. Engrave this beautiful heart-shaped locket with your mom’s initials, name, or choose from a list of unique symbols. For the moms who love jewelry, this is the perfect custom piece to gift them.

2. Herb Plant Garden Markers


A great gift for the moms who love to garden, and grow their own vegetables and herbs, are these eco-friendly plant garden markers. These markers help to identify and organize the blossoming garden your mom loves to grow. You can choose from a long list of vegetables and herbs or personalize the names if you’d like.  

3. Engraved Cutting Board


Keeping family recipes is probably something your mom cherishes. A great way to save recipes is through a customized engraved cutting board. This is the perfect gift to preserve your mom’s famous recipes to last forever. Or maybe it’s her favorite recipe that you make for her. Either way, this is truly a special and sentimental gift. 

4. ‘Best Mom Ever’ Coffee Mug


For all the coffee-loving moms out there, this “Best Mom Ever” coffee mug is a simple and classic gift. This ceramic campfire-style mug is an everyday gift that reminds her just how incredible she is. Help her start her busy mornings with this beautifully crafted mug. 

5. Personalized Charcuterie Board 


Crafting a delicious spread of charcuterie will be made even more special this year with a personalized charcuterie board. For the moms who love to cook, entertain, and host, this is the perfect gift to celebrate them with an engraved message. Holidays, special occasions, and dinner parties will feel a little extra special with this gift. 

6. Personalized Canvas Pouch


Give your mom the gift of a personalized canvas pouch. This is a great travel bag that’s perfect for storing jewelry, makeup, or any travel sized item. Customize this gift by writing a special message that she’ll be sure to carry with her anywhere she goes. 

7. Self-Care Gift Basket


With all the hard and selfless work that moms do, celebrate your mom with a gift of a self-care gift basket. This basket has all the essential items to help moms unwind and enjoy a day of relaxation. Equipped with decadent soaps, lotions, and bath soaks, this is the perfect gift to pamper your mom this Mother’s Day. 

8. Huggy Shaped Candles


Probably one of the cutest gifts on this list are these huggy-shaped candles. Candles are the perfect gift to give your mom a little calm and relaxation. These sweet candles will be a cherished reminder of the love and friendship you have for your mom. 

9. Personalized Tote Bag


If your mom enjoys taking a trip to the farmer’s market, then she’ll love this personalized tote bag. This canvas tote is the perfect bag for traveling or shopping for all the goodies she plans to buy. Have her name artistically styled across the bag and let her enjoy this sustainable reusable bag for years to come.  

10. Cute Mother’s Day Greeting Cards


If you’ve already found that perfect gift, pair it with a cute Mother’s Day greeting card. These cards share humor and delight while celebrating all the mom’s in our lives. You can choose from a selection of greeting cards or make it even more special by customizing your own. These cards will for sure bring a smile upon their faces. 

11. Stoneware Pie Dish


For the mom’s who are known for their iconic desserts, this stoneware pie dish might just be the perfect gift. This handmade ceramic, speckled white, pie dish is a tribute to mom for all those delicious pies that she’s made over the years. Finished with a beautiful pottery glaze, this pie dish reflects a one of a kind craftsmanship that we know she’ll love. 

12. Family Drawn Portrait

A thoughtful gift to add to this list would be a customized family drawn portrait. Have your mom’s favorite family photo customized into an animated drawing. You can also include the family pet and add a special touch to an already beautiful family photo. Or if you choose, have the artist create a portrait just of your mom. Either way, this is sure to be a special and sentimental gift that will be perfect to hang in the house. 

13. Spice Jar Bundle with Spice Rack 

spice-jar-bundle-with-spice rack

If your mom loves to cook, then she’ll absolutely appreciate this spice jar bundle with a spice rack organizer. An organized kitchen makes for the most delicious meals, which is something we’ve definitely learned from our moms. This gift will only help her spice things up in the kitchen and make room for more flavor in her life. This set comes with 25 bottles ready to be filled and labeled with a custom sticker. 

14. Personalized Wooden Picture Frame


A great gift could be as simple as a personalized wooden picture frame. Take the beautiful memories that have already been captured and place them in beautifully hand crafted picture frames with a special message written for mom. Write a message, lyric, or quote to celebrate her on this cherished day. 

15. Blanket Crochet Kit


A DIY project may just be the perfect gift to give this Mother’s Day. The blanket crochet kit offers all the tools and necessary directions to help your mom make a comfy and cozy blanket to wear for those long winters. Allow her to enjoy the quality time spent making something so special that will result in a bright, colorful crochet blanket that will be sure to stay in the family for years to come. 

16. Custom iPhone Case


A great and easy gift for Mother’s Day is a custom iPhone case. Take a photo depicting a special moment shared with your mom, and get it printed on an iPhone case just for her. Choose a single photo or add up to four to be edited into a collage. This is a beautiful gift that is suitable for most iPhone case sizes and sold at a great price.

17. Engraved Wooden Memory Box


Photos are the sacred memories that can hold the most value in our lives. A great gift for mom to keep those physical memories safe is through an engraved wooden memory box. This handcrafted box is made from rustic pine wood and can be customized to feature a message, date, or small drawing. Keep all the cherished memories in one safe place with this gift that will truly last a lifetime. 

18. Custom Waffle Robe


Whether she’s a new mom or a grandma, she’ll always appreciate the comfort of a custom waffle robe. Give the gift of comfort this Mother’s Day and order these personalized robes. Have her name or initials embroidered and choose from a wide selection of colors that best represent your mom. Make her feel like she’s at the spa everyday with this luxurious waffle robe.  

19. Glass Blown Vase


Flowers have always been a symbol of appreciation, which is why these beautifully glass blown vases make for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. For a mom who loves having fresh flowers in the house, this is a thoughtful gift to keep her home blossoming. It might go without saying, but this will be an even more special gift if you present these vases with her favorite flowers. 

20. DIY Jewelry Kit


Another great DIY project to gift your mom is this DIY jewelry kit. She can design and paint the earrings of her dreams with this cute and easy to use kit. With 2 pairs of handmade wooden earrings, she’ll have 8 paint colors to choose from to create a personalized set of beautiful statement earrings.  

21. Personalized Letter Blanket


Wrap your mom in a warm and personalized letter blanket for Mother’s Day. Print a letter you’ve written to your mom on this cozy woven blanket and let the words forever comfort any cold days ahead. It makes for a great throw blanket or perhaps a blanket that can be hung on the wall as decor. 

22. Jewelry Bracelet Kit


A great gift for young kids to make with their mom, or grandma, is this jewelry bracelet kit. This is the perfect gift for moms and kids to make together, creating a fun experience that celebrates the colorful joy of Mother’s Day. With over 20 colors of beads to choose from, give the gift of creating memories with this beautiful kit. 

23. Bohemian Statement Earrings


You can never go wrong with jewelry for Mother’s Day, especially with these woven Bohemian statement earrings. These chic and effortless earrings are lightweight and hypoallergenic. They come in a variety of earth tones which exude an aesthetically pleasing style to be worn for any occasion.  

24. Gemstone Birthstone Necklace


Give a gift from the stars with these beautiful gemstone birthstone necklaces. These are handmade pendants featuring a wide selection of natural stones with different engravings. Knowing your mom’s birthstone, you can gift her with this celestial necklace that beautifully represents her radiant presence in your life. 

25. Planter Bookend


If your mom loves to read and have plants in the house, then the planter bookend is the perfect gift for her. This beautiful gloss speckled pot is perfect for small plants and fits on any bookshelf. She can bring her bookshelf to life, literally, and pot her favorite plants next to her favorite books.

26. Custom Pet Portrait


For all the pet moms out there, this custom pet portrait might just be the perfect gift. Have a custom made portrait of her favorite pet with their name lovingly placed below. This artistic portrait is perfect for wall decor that symbolizes the important four legged friends in her life.  

27. Morsel 


Your mom has probably kept some of your favorite family recipes for years. This year give her the gift of Morsel, an online software where she can upload, record, and store all of the beloved family recipes in a single place. For Mother’s Day only, we’re offering an exclusive Mother’s Day promo for a year’s subscription for only $60 (a $120 value). This includes a shared account of up to 6 family members, unlimited groups and recipe uploads, and one printed cookbook for free. This is your chance to keep those sacred recipes safe and share them for generations to come. 

28. Cute Spa Headband


If you’re putting together a gift basket of your own, a great addition are these cute spa headbands. Choose from a selection of six colors of these soft fleece headbands that are perfect for any at home spa days. These headbands are one size fits all and a great deal for the price.

29. Floating Plant Shelves


If your mom has a green thumb, then these floating plant shelves make for the perfect addition to her garden. Whether these plants are outdoor or indoor, this holder is perfect for an herb garden or any type of plant. While the pots are not included, these shelves can fit 9 pots that are 4.25″. 

Choosing Cute Mother’s Day Gifts

These are just a few suggestions of gifts you can get for Mother’s Day. It can be challenging to choose the right gift, however, just think about what she’ll appreciate. Consider her favorite hobbies or think about gifts that will enhance her daily activities.

Moms always have a soft spot in their hearts and will appreciate any gift you give. The best thing about choosing from this list of cute Mother’s Day gift ideas is that you have a wide selection of gifts to choose from. Whether they’re personalized items, DIY activities, or a ready-made gift, we’re confident she’ll love and appreciate any of these. Either way, if you choose a gift from the heart, you can’t go wrong.