Best Way to Share Family Recipes


Missing grandma’s pumpkin pie or your aunt’s delicious brisket? What happens when you crave these delicious dishes but they’re not within reach? You make it yourself! We’ve all been there, so we’re here to tell you about the best way to share family recipes. 

Old family recipes are often hard to find. And even if you do, many of them might be in a tattered condition. Or grandma’s precious recipes might be with a relative who lives far away. Either way, it would be nice to have them all in one place so that you, or any one of your family members, can access them whenever they become nostalgic for those tasty memories.  

But how do you preserve and share grandma’s recipes? Not to worry, we’re here to help. Read on to find creative ways to collect and share your family recipes with friends, family, and possibly the world. 


Easy Tips to Collect Family Recipes 

Before you begin sharing anything, you need to have it together and organized. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Search for Written Recipes: Find all the written recipes in your home. If there’s an old diary or notebook where your grandparents used to write recipes down, find it and have it cleaned. 
  • Request Recipes from Family: Ask relatives for all the traditional recipes they have. They might not be willing to share the original copies, but you can always ask for pictures or photocopies. 
  • Hunt Down Old Video Tapes: Go through your collection of VHS tapes and digital videos for any recipe recordings. You may even find recordings of your parents or grandparents cooking. These might not necessarily highlight every step of the recipe, but you’ll find the necessary steps if you look closely. You can note these down in a notebook or on your computer. 
  • Get Recipes Translated: If you find old handwritten recipes in another language, contact an experienced translator, or a family member fluent in the language, and have them translated. 

Store all the recipes you find in a folder on your computer, a USB stick, your mobile phone, or write them in a notebook. Once you’ve recorded the recipes, you can begin to share them with the rest of the family.


Best Way to Share Family Favorite Recipes

Make a Cookbook

You don’t have to be an expert chef to print your own cookbook. Cookbooks can be an amazing way to share family recipes, especially with older relatives who might not be comfortable with technology. They’ll make a fantastic gift for any occasion.

Once you’ve collected all the recipes you want to share, choose details like fonts, pictures, and overall style. You can even hire a graphic designer to help you create a memorable design. Once you’ve landed on the final layout, have it printed and spiral bound. Also, make sure you use waterproof paper inside the cookbook as it’s more practical. 

Write a Blog

Blogging is another great way to share recipes. You can easily create a personal recipe-sharing blog for close friends and family. 

In such a blog, you can document and share all your ancestral recipes. You can even add pictures and recordings of dishes being cooked by older family members. 

Several websites offer blogging services for free. Granted, you cannot have a personal domain name without paying for it, but if it’s meant for just private use, a domain name shouldn’t matter. 

If at any point, you feel like sharing the recipes with the public, you can promote the blog using ads and SEO. Without burning a hole in your pocket, you can bring your family’s memories into the limelight. 

Cook With Your Family

How did you or your mother learn grandma’s family recipes? It couldn’t have been with a smartphone or possibly even a cookbook. In those days, cooking side-by-side was the way to learn. So why not bring that trend back and cook with family members for lunch or dinner?

Cooking alongside your closest family members isn’t just a way to share recipes. It’s also an excellent way to bond, share stories and laughter, and have much-needed fun. Making time for these activities may not always be easy, however, the experience will surely be rewarding. 

Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to cook and share recipes with friends and family. Invite your nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, or friends, not just to eat, but to create memories in the kitchen. 


Start Scrapbooking

Although this method isn’t convenient simply because it takes time, it’s worth a shot if you’re creative and artsy. 

If you have a handwritten collection of grandma’s recipes, get them copied. Anytime a relative asks for a recipe, or you want to gift it as a wedding or birthday present, use the copies, some old pictures, and unique memories to create a fine scrapbook. You can customize it for each family member, curating different memories each time. 

Remember, use a good-quality scrapbook, preferably a waterproof one. If your relatives ever use it in the kitchen, it won’t be damaged. 

Use an App

Is there an app where you can share your prized recipes? Why yes there is. Morsel allows you to store and share your family recipes through our online software. You can add as many family members to a group as you’d like. 

family cookbook software

We also offer the option to have you print a family cookbook from your recipes. Once you’ve collected the recipes, you can order your personalized cookbook. In no time, you’ll have a stunning one-of-a-kind family cookbook. 

Preserving your recipes in an online application is the best way to immortalize your memories because it’s accessible from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, even if you have some not-so-tech-savvy family members, you can always send them the cookbook. 

Sell It

Do you have a large selection of traditional family recipes? Try making a business out of it. There’s no better way to share your prized family recipes with the world than selling them. And it never hurts to make some money in the process.  

If you have a unique dessert that your mother or grandpa used to bake, sell it to a bakery. If needed, you’ll have to tweak the measurements and ingredients a bit, but you’ll soon arrive at a standardized recipe with a long shelf-life. 

Your unique recipe just might become a fan favorite pretty soon you’ll start seeing your family name everywhere. 

Form a Facebook or WhatsApp Group

One of the simplest ways to share family recipes with close friends and family is through social media. Platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook offer groups where you can add a large number of people. 

Once you’ve formed a group, add recipes in the form of typed docs, PDFs, or videos. You can even add images and send voice notes about the recipes. 

It’s safe to say that some of our best memories come from delicious food and spending time with friends and family. Sharing recipes with the people in our lives helps to revive these memories and deepen the connection with our loved ones. Finding the best way to share family recipes will help to preserve these treasured memories and keep them alive forever.